Boxmis unifies all systems, internal and external, while automating business processes, providing a unique benefit and added value.


We are committed to approach the latest logistics trends and be innovative over the end-to-end logistics experience in face of the heightened awareness for full transparency, tracking, and control.


Complex process: multiple interactions.
Difficulty getting transparent rates.
Lack of control.
Late decision making because of poor communications
No tools for measuring and controlling the Logistics Operator’s effectiveness.

Freight Forwarder

Poor coordination between parties.
– Frequent Operation inefficiencies.
Unnecessary expenses.
Lack of KPI control.
No tools for measuring and controlling the Freight Forwarder’s effectiveness.

Discover new ways

to run your end-to-end logistics.


Managing Business Efficiently

We want to revolutionize the logistics process by providing a next-generation software solution facilitating international business.

Importer / Exporter
Freight Forwarder

Improve Customer Experience

Providing personalized, forward-thinking solutions that place the customer in the middle and add value for the businesses.


Control, Visibility and Transparency

Online Tracking and detailed information about every shipment enable you to get end-to-end visibility in real time.


Transparent and Competitive rates on time

Better shipments options and cost control, avoiding inefficiencies, and extra charge.


Chat, Notifications and Alerts

Communication tools to stay connected, find, and solve issues instantly and proactively. Freight Forwarders and Clients in one place with all relevant data and context.


Analytics and Dashboard

The client can build their logistics to understand the value of the data obtained and apply it safely.


Build your own logistic

Monitor, understand and optimize trade decisions by using Analytics and Dashboard features to grow on business and save money.


Reliable data and Dashboard

Management dashboards for reporting, and use data that is readily available, reliable to drive businesses efficiently.


Visibility over your product journey

Management tools to improve and connect all organization areas giving visibility over your product journey's every step.


Boxmis Lead Time Option

Boosts reliability by getting early sight of potential freight shipping delays or other problems.


Enhance all areas of your business

Providing personalized, forward-thinking solutions that add value and help achieve business growth in Sales, Operations, and Finance areas.


Integrated Freight CRM

Dedicated to improving business processes and making them more efficient.


Collaboration Tools

A common language and framework for the teams across the organization with Chat, Instant Message, Notifications, and Alerts.